The advantage of having a private parking


10% Early Booking
Offer Lodgement + Breakfast
A noticeable extra that The Urban Suites offers, compared to many other hotels in Barcelona, is the private garage. The guests are able to park in the same building, with direct lift from any suite or apartment. We recommend our guests to book a place in advance on our web page to get a better price. The cost is 19€/day. If the booking is made through other websites is 25€/day.

Barcelona has not free parking space. Car park in front of our building or anywhere else in town normally means having to pay a ticket at the parking metres along the pavements. The tariff changes according to the zone, either blue or green.

It is necessary to always verify the information contained in the specific sign that regulates the parking section , since there could be particular conditions such as Sundays and holidays in the beach area.