What is the best time to visit Barcelona?

Many of you wonder what is the best time to visit Barcelona and you are still not sure of your choice. For this reason, we want to help you and provide you with information on what activities we recommend you do at each of the stations. Currently, it should be noted that Barcelona receives more than 9 million tourists a year, the vast majority of whom visit the city in spring and summer… More specifically, the months from May to the beginning of October are the most popular. The warm weather combined with city tourism are key factors in your decision making. However, another part of the tourists decide to visit the city in the colder months and live a unique and quiet experience without that large volume of tourists. In this post we will divide Barcelona into two different seasons so that it is easier for you to visualize what activities are recommended to do in each of the seasons:

Summer in Barcelona

For all those tourists who want to combine city tourism with activities where the weather plays a major role, it is highly recommended to visit the city in the spring/summer months. What better plan than to visit Barcelona in the morning, sit on a terrace at noon and taste the best Mediterranean paellas. In addition, you have the whole afternoon to do all kinds of activities; From resting to renting jet skis. We must also point out that the nights have a greater atmosphere than winter, which is why it invites you to go out, enjoy with your family and/or friends and continue living experiences in the city (musical pub, disco, stroll through the streets of Barcelona, terraces , etc.). We detail some of the possible activities that are interesting to do in the summer months in Barcelona:

1. Jet Ski

A fully recommended experience for those adventurers who want to enjoy a great experience driving a jet ski with total adrenaline. Haven’t used a jet ski yet? Now is your time!



2. Summer festivals

During the summer months, long-awaited festivals are held in different parts of the city by a large number of people who long for the moment to enjoy an unforgettable experience with friends. Of course… If you are interested we recommend that you buy tickets in advance as there is a large volume of demand and prices increase as sales volume increases.

Brunch -In the Park & -In the City



3. Terrace Aperitif

One of the greatest luxuries is to afford breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc. in each of the different terraces of the city. Having the opportunity to taste sitting on a terrace with the excellent weather in the city is one of the most requested activities by both tourists and residents. In this case, we want to show you what a day would be like eating a seafood paella in one of the restaurants located around Barceloneta.



Winter in Barcelona

Barcelona hides thousands of hideouts and wonderful places to visit so you can invest your adventure in discovering each one of them. On the other hand, it should also be noted that, on an economic level, visiting Barcelona in winter is cheaper and tourist destinations will not be full of tourists. This factor will allow you to visit these places with greater comfort and enjoy every moment in each of the destinations. In this way, we want to show you 5 essential plans to visit Barcelona in winter:

1. Markets in the city

Barcelona has a large number of markets spread throughout the city and they are really recommended places to visit. You can visit from the great Boquería market (located on Las Ramblas in Barcelona) to markets such as Plaça de Sant Josep Market with innovative artistic designs or the Barcelona Christmas fair known as the Santa Llúcia fair.



4. Theatres

With a total of 50 theaters in Barcelona, they will allow you to live a truly pleasant and exclusive experience. From plays to great orchestras, they give this city great values and greater cultural enrichment. The recommended theaters and cultural buildings are the following:

  • Gran Teatro del Liceo: One of the most important theaters in Barcelona where seeing it in its splendor with a great play is a wonder.
  • National Theater of Catalonia: Dedicated to national dramaturgy.
  • Palace of Catalan Music: Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1997 where you can find all kinds of concerts: from flamenco to classical music, among others.
  • Barcelona Auditorium: Accompanied by the Barcelona Music Museum where classical music concerts stand out.



3. Attend a FCB match at the Camp Nou

Regardless of the team you are, attending a Futbol Club Barcelona match at the Camp Nou is an unforgettable experience that you will want to repeat. Visiting it in winter, in the middle of the season and in the middle of the fight to achieve its first place in the league, will allow you to live some really exciting moments and enjoy a great sporting event in one of the best football states in the world.



4. Going shopping into the majestic streets of Barcelona

It is true that going shopping is something that it is practised throughout the year. However, with the cold weather and the streets without being overcrowded with pedestrians, the downtown streets will allow you to walk and visit each of the shopping centers and main streets of Barcelona with total peace of mind. The luxury of every buyer. On the other hand, during the months of January and February it starts the sales season, so the probability of finding bargains and great discounts is much bigger.



5. Visit the Sagrada Familia

Designed since 1882 and currently unfinished, the Sagrada Familia is a symbol for the city. One of the great wonders of Barcelona visited by millions of tourists and travelers becomes one of the mandatory tourist destinations to visit. With a beauty architectural , it makes it a unique Catholic basilica. As far as visiting hours are concerned, it is currently open from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and its price ranges between €26.00 per adult and children (from 0 to 10 years old) do not have to pay admission.


A great advantage of visiting Barcelona all year round is how well connected transport is around the city. Now that you have all the information you need… Are you clearer about the best time to visit Barcelona?