Are you a Travel influencer?

If you have a popular blog, plus hundreds of followers on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and other social media, if you are an influencer or a PR, The Urban Suites invites you to spend a night or two in our apartments based on availability.

In return we ask for you to write on your blog and social media your experience at The Urban Suites.

Write us to with your full name, a link to your blog and your profile in the social media and tell us what date you would like to stay with us. Think that this is subject to availability, so if you are flexible with the dates, easier will be for you to stay with us.


You are the owner and author of the blog you mention us, as well as the owner of the account on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Any false authorship will be cancel.

It´s possible that we don´t have availability for the dates you ask, but we will do our best to arrange a date later. Think that there is more availability from Monday to Thursday than during the weekend.

We are not responsible for any additional cost of the trip.

We ask for you to talk about your stay at and you have to mention us at least once before the trip, during the trip and posting a post at the end. Each entry must have a direct link to the website of The Urban Suites.

We also ask for you share your experience on Facebook and Twitter.