St George’s Day – Dyad of Sant Jordi

St George’s Day – Dyad of Sant Jordi

If you go to Barcelona next April 23rd you will find the streets flooded with book stalls and roses.

Sant Jordi´s day is a true celebration of love and culture. And why is it a celebration of love and culture? Because the tradition is that during this day couples exchange roses for books

casa batlo sant jordi

The reason is the commemoration of the death of Sant Jordi, patron of Catalonia since 1456, a saint who lost his head due to his refusing to persecute Christians, for which he was martyred and beheaded.

The main meeting point is at La Rambla, but there is an essential stop at Paseo de Gracia to see the facade of Casa Batló, which for a few years has been covered during Sant Jordi´s day with roses and it is an spectacle of beauty.

Many authors take the opportunity to sign their books in the main bookstores of Barcelona: La Laie, La Central, Llibreria Calders. Fnac… If you want to see the schedules and the signature itinerary, there is information about the signatures on the web seriebcn, which will take place in La Central and in the Casa del Llibre.

This year you can also enjoy different free concerts at the Estrella Damm Factory.



– Buhossant jordi ramblas
– Ebri Knight
– El Petit de Cal Eril
– Koers
– Quimi Portet
– Mi Capitán
– Flamingo Tours
– La iaia

– Suu
– Atenea Carter & The Mighty Might
– Ferran Palau
– Núria Graham
– Nil Moliner
– Holwin’ Dogs
– Xarim Aresté

– DJ. Mishima
– Vemo (Manel)
– Dolo
– Ramon Mirabet

– Ismael González
– Joan Masdéu
– Jordi Lanuza
– Marc Grau
– The Bird Yellow
– Intana
– Exili a l’Elba

Time: from 11:30am to 9pm

Address: Rosselló, 515

Metro: <L5> Sant Pau | Dos de Maig

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