4 vegetarian / vegan restaurants in Barcelona that we love

4 vegetarian / vegan restaurants in Barcelona that we love

Barcelona offers a multitude of alternatives to vegetarians and vegans

In fact, it is increasingly common to find vegetarian restaurants and/or vegans which are aware that their products, especially fruits and vegetables, are zero km, being more fresh and organic. This trend is also called “Slow food“, which is born in counterpart to fast food, with the following advantages:

1. Ecological: The international transport of food has a high environmental impact, the pollution caused by the fuel, the need for packaging …

2. Economic: It supports small and medium producers, who are unable to fight with the low prices that large corporations sell. It strengthens the local economy by generating employment.

3. Social: Consumers are more concerned about what they consume and aware that there are healthier and better alternatives at a local level.

We have made a selection of our favorite vegetarian restaurants, but keep in mind that there is a huge offer all around the city.

Bio Bento  (50m from The Urban Suites)

biobento barcelona Vegan restaurant with home made dishes. 100% organic vegetables and products of proximity. They offer a balanced and healthy menu of € 12 with starter, second dish and homemade dessert. The menu does not include drinks and can be also ordered to take away.

If there is a highlight, apart from the food, are the attention and service of their dependents and the passion with which they explain their dishes.

Location: Ermengarda, 34
Telephone: +34 654 82 85 35
Hours: 08: 30-21: 15
Neighborhood: Sants – Montjuic

 The Juice House (2 metro stops from  The Urban Suites | <L3>Tarragona – Poble Sec)

juice house barcelona

The Juice House is a bright and beautiful restaurant located in one of the most trendy streets of Barcelona, in Sant Antoni district. They name themselves as “Meat Friendly” and, although most of its menu is veggie, there is a nod to people who eat meat and fish (crunchy / golden salmon with pesto / turkey sandwich).

Its philosophy is to buy products of the highest quality and proximity. All the dairy products and eggs they use come from animals that live happily and freely. The menu there has a great variety of gluten-free, lactose-free and sugar-free dishes, all duly noted.

We recommend to try any of their delicious natural juices and smoothies.

Location: Parlament 12
Telephone: +34 931 17 15 15
Opening times: 10:00 – 23:00
Neighborhood: Sant Antoni

La Cerería (4 metro stops from  The Urban Suites | <L3>Tarragona – Drassanes)

la cereria barcelona

This colorful vegetarian restaurant-cooperative is located at the Gothic neighborhood and owes its name to the fact it was a wax factory, it retains some of its decorative elements.

The ecological pizzas and the eggplant milanesas are delicious. They have a great variety of teas, infusions, milkshakes, Bretons crepes. They offer a menu at midday with first and second dishes, dessert and drink included for €12.5. It has a very nice little terrace.

Location: Baixada de Sant Miquel
Telephone: +34 933 01 85 10
Opening hours: 13: 00-24: 00
Neighborhood: Gothic

La báscula (4 metro stops from The Urban Suites | <L3>Tarragona – Drassanes)

la bascula barcelona

If you are looking for an intimate space, it is not the place, since you will probably have to share a large table with other diners. The menu of this vegetarian restaurant has salads, fresh pasta, sandwiches, crepes and cakes.

Location: Flassaders, 30
Telephone: +34 933 19 98 66
Opening hours: 13: 00-23: 00 Monday Closed

Neighborhood: Born
The Urban Suites Barcelona

If you come to spend a few days and are looking for a tourist apartment in Barcelona to enjoy the wide gastronomic variety, vegan and vegetarian of this beautiful city, The Urban Suites is an excellent choice, due to its location and excellent customer service. The kitchens of our apartments have everything you need for cooking and we are just a few meters from the Hostafrancs Market, where you can buy zero kilometer products.

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