Open Air cinema in Barcelona during the summer

Open Air cinema in Barcelona during the summer

Since some years in Barcelona, it is possible to enjoy during the summer of different temporary open air cinemas to watch films, both free and paid

Sala monjuicThe pleasant temperatures of the summer period favor the appetite of being enjoying the “fresh air”, reason why these ephemeral cinemas become an alternative ideal for leisure
The offer is so diverse that the public varies a lot from one venue to another. The ones that offer films in original version with subtitles in English or Spanish favor the mixture between locals and tourists, others that project animation favor a public more infantile. The programming varies according to the organization, civic center or institution, having films of all the subjects in almost all them.

Below we detail each of the venues by neighborhoods, with their locations, dates, start time and programming.

Cinema Lliure a la platja (Barceloneta)

All the films are broadcast in Sant Sebastiá beach, in Barceloneta. The poster is quite eclectic, with titles such as Boi Neon (Brazil), Sing Street (Ireland) or Between Two Worlds (Israel).

Dates: From June 29th to August 3rd

Time: From 9 p.m.

Location: Sant Sebastiá beach

Metro: <L4> Barceloneta

Price: Free

Mecal BCN (Sants Montjuic)

Air Mecal

Mecal explain very well in their website: “Lantern lights, a cinema screen under Barcelona’s starry night and the smell of a nearby barbecue. As the last beam of sunlight falls on the magical mountain of Montjuïc, Mecal Air’s projector will lit up again every Friday in some hidden spot of El Poble Espanyol, kicking off the perfect plan to start your weekend. The summery version of Mecal, the Barcelona International Short and Animation Film Festival, is back again this year (for the 9th time already!) with a double programme: the cinematic one and the culinary one. Each week a different theme will determine both the short film selection and the gastronomic offer, with the barbecue as the main star. A feast for the five senses joining together the freshest and most creative short films (with sessions devoted to the horror genre, sex, comedy and even a Freaky Month) and delicious charcoal-broiled and grilled recipes.”

Dates: from 7th june to 8th september

Time: 8-11:30 p.m.

Location: Poble Espanyol

Metro: <L1 & L3> Plaza Espanya

Price: **Reduce price: 3,5€ ** showing at the ticket office the Mecal app – powered by @SquareBCN.

No discount: 6,5€ (ath the ticket office of Poble Espanyol)

Sala Montjuic  (Sants Montjuic)

Sala Montjuic

The location of Sala Montjuic is very beautiful; few cinemas exist in the pit of a castle. There is a live concert before each projection, which adds interest to the event. According to their website, they make a selection of the best films of all time in original version. This year Spotlight, La la Land or The apartment are part of its billboard. You can see the complete schedule here.

Dates: From June 30th to August 4th

Time: Opening: 8:30 p.m.

Start concert: 8.45 p.m.

Projection start: 10 p.m.

Location: Castell of Montjuïc, concretely in the pit of Santa Eulalia.

Metro: <L1 & L3> Plaza Espanya. There is a bus service from Plaza Espanya, between Reina María Cristina Avenue and Paralel Avenue.

Price: 6,5€

Full ticket: € 20 for 5 sessions and € 15 for 3 sessions (not valid for the General’s Machinist)

Cinema jove a la fresca (Sants Montjuic)

Cotxeras de Sants joins the temporary open air cinemas with recently released films. On rainy days the projection passes to the auditorium.

Date: Every Thursday from June 29th to July 27th

Time: From 10 p.m.

Location: Centro Cívico Cocheras de Sants

Metro: <L1> Hostafrancs <L3> &  <L5> Sants Estación

Price: Free

Nau Ivonow (Sagrera)

Date: to be confirmed

Time: to be confirmed

Location: to be confirmed

Metro: to be confirmed

Price: to be confirmed

Gandules (Raval)

This year’s programming is dedicated to rebellious and dangerous women in the world of cinema. From Basic Instinct, to I’m no angel or La gran ciutat, each of the nine tapes are starred by women who break with stereotypes and patterns marked by society.

Date: From August 8th to 24th

Time: From 10 p.m.

Location: Pati de les Dones, in CCCB

Metro: <L1 & L2> Universitat

Price: Free

Puttanesca (Raval)

The Association of Merchants Raval Verd has created an outdoor cinema cycle in which gastronomy is the main theme.

Date: to be confirmed

Time: to be confirmed

Location: to be confirmed

Metro: to be confirmed

Price: to be confirmed

The location of our holiday apartments in Barcelona is ideal for those who want to go and see an outdoor movie in the area of Sants Montjuic.


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