Spa urbano 1850

Spa urbano 1850

The good feeling and the positive energy after the aromatic massage and thermal route at Urban Spa 1850 are maximal

spa urbano 1850


How do people practice the constant attention of the present time, better known as mindfulness philosophy?

Last Tuesday I was enjoying so much the massage I was having at the Spa Urbano 1850, that the only thing that went through my mind during the last (I guess 10 minutes) was “Please do not finish, will she continue on the legs”. I tried to apply the mantra sat nam, to control breathing and thoughts and, although I was plenty of joy, my head only thought: “do not end, how good it is!”
spa urbano 1850

The massage lasted 45 minutes and ran all over the body. The room light was dim, it was set with a relaxing music and the previous and post massage treatment were very nice. They made use of different aromatherapy fragrances, both at the beginning and at the end. I would not know the ingredients of the perfumes, but I’m sure the last one they used to get me out of the dream was a citrus, I’d say lemon.

After the massage we went to enjoy the thermal circuit, composed of sauna, jacuzzi, wall of salt, hammam and ice fountain. We were two friends, but Spa urbano 1850 is the ideal place for couples, since the jacuzzi was working just for us. Just this morning I talked with a friend about this experience because of his girlfriends´s birthday, to recommend him this experience as present for his girlfriend. He told me that they do it every two or three months. In fact what he told me was: “For the coexistence of the couple, it is necessary to have a cleaning lady at home (to save disputes), one day a week of candles and incense (referring to a romantic night) and to have dishwasher machine “. What do you think?

If you wish to give to your nearest and dearest a special gift, you have the following offers in Urban Spa 1850:

chica spa 1850– 40 min. Express massage + water bottle: € 45

– 45 min. Facial Treatment + Water Bottle: € 49

– 60 min. Aromatherapy massage + 1 hour spa + 1 glass of cava: € 69

When we finished our experience at Urban Spa 1850, we went straight to Panda to home, a Japanese restaurant just across the street, in Diputación 88. The salmon tartar and the niguiris were so good that we did not have time to take a picture of them.

Address Urban Spa 1850: Calle Diputació, 75

Metro: <L1> Rocafort, <L2> Sant Antoni

Our building of holiday apartments in Barcelona is located about 10 minutes walk from both Urban Spa 1850 and Panda to home.


Urban Spa 1850

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