Celebrate spring at Girona temps de flors

Celebrate spring at Girona temps de flors

From 7th to 15th May, Girona temps de flors will inundate all neighborhoods

GIRONA TEMPS DE FLORS (Girona Flower Time) is the most international festival of Girona where floral decorations and art installations in monuments, patios and gardens fill the old quarter and other neighborhoods of the city from May 7th to May 15th. A total of 179 projects located in 134 spaces full of art, color and spring scent that are free and open to the public.

Girona is a marvelous city only 45 minutes away by Ave (high speed train) from Barcelona, perfect to visit in a day. Its old quarter (Barri Vell) stands out by elements such us the old Jewish quarter (El Call), one of the best preserved of Spain, the houses overlooking the Onyar River, and the imposing cathedral which has the widest gothic nave of its kind in the world.

temps de flors

temps de flors – foto de Wikimedia

In addition, the trip does not cost a fortune, during Temps de Flors Renfe (the Spanish train service company) offers a 35% off in all train tickets to Girona by using the discount voucher.

Thanks to the festival the city organizes many other activities such as the “A Capella Festival”, specially recommended for music lovers because it offers a great variety of concerts in public squares and theaters of the city, many of them free. Also, this year Girona is performing an unusual church bell concert on May 11th at night.

An excellent family trip, a romantic getaway, or a visit with friends, Temps de Flors is ideal for everyone.

The train to Girona leaves from Sants Station and takes about one hour and fifteen minutes to two hours, nine minutes. There is a distance of 300 meters from The Urban Suites to Sants Station.

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