Open Camp Europe

Open Camp Europe

On June 16th opens the Open Camp Europe at the Olympic Ring Montjuic, first park in the world dedicated to sport.

According to its web, “The OPEN CAMP parks will, for the first time ever, offer millions of sports fans worldwide, of all ages and backgrounds, unique sensations and the chance to experience real emotions based on experiences, attractions and exhibitions -made possible by advanced technology and the revitalisation of the Olympic facilities in one of the world’s major cities.

Open Camp

Open Camp – Picture from its Facebook


As we had no very clear its performance, we wrote an email to the Open Camp which was quickly answered by Javier D Vidal. You will see below the short interview:

– Once the visitor has his/her ticket, will he/she enjoy a day at the park or are there required hours?

You have access all day from the opening at 10:00am  until 10:00pm, when the closing ceremony ends.

Open Camp Barcelona

– How long will the hockey, football, baseball and sprint experiences take?

The idea is that all the visitors live their moment of glory, activities are all quick and short all, between 1 and 3 minutes maximum duration.

Open Camp

Open Camp – Picture from its Facebook

– Will the visitors have to wait their turn in order of arrival to live the experiences or shift is already marked with the entry?

There will be a queue, the turn depends on the order of arrival, as in the Thematic or amusement parks. 

– What Paralympic activities disable people or in wheelchairs can enjoy?

Let´s see how I explain this point without extend myself too much. The Paralympic activities are not only thought for disable people or people in wheelchair. Although it´s obvious that people in wheelchair can participate, what we want it´s that people without problems use the wheelchair and see how hard and complicated is to make the paralympic race. There are different activities where the senses are erased: activities without view, tactless, without hearing, etc. We want to raise awareness of how difficult the Paralympics sportist have their day to day. Almost all our activities are adapted to people in wheelchairs, with limitations in some of them, such as the broad jump tests or kick a soccer ball …

Price: 28€ Single // € 18 per person in the family package

Location: Passeig Olímpico 17-19. Olympic ring of Montjuic

Metro: <L1> & <L3> Plaça Espanya

Buses: D20, H12, H16, V7, 13, 23, 27, 37, 46, 50,65, 79, 91, 109, 150 & 165

Nuestro edificio de apartamentos por días está situado a 5 minutos a pie de Plaza España (desde donde se coge el autobus al anillo olímpico de Montjuic). No dudes en contactarnos si viajas a Barcelona para asistir al Open Camp Europe.

Our building of apartment by days is located 5 minutes walk from Plaza Espanya (where the bus to Montjuic Olympic ring is picked up). Please contact us if you travel to Barcelona to attend the Open Camp Europe.

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