World Magic Cup 2015

World Magic Cup 2015

From 11st to 13rd december, World Magic Cup 2015 will be held at the Montjuic Showground of Fira Barcelona

world magic cup

Magic World Cup 2015 is an annual three-day event in which participants from all nations of the world gather to compete in the collectible card game Magic The Gathering. 70 countries will be represented, this time in Barcelona, in teams of four for the World Magic Cup, a multi-format event.

The prize is juicy: $250,000, invitations to the first Pro Tour 2016 and the glory of representing their own country in one of the biggest stages in this game.


magic the gathering

But … what is Magic, The Gathering? As mentioned above, is a collectible card game that was created by Richard Garfield in 1993. It has over six million players worldwide and now there is the possibility of playing online, proving that beyond the protagonists of the Big Band Theory, there are a large entourage of people and professional players that have developed around the game.

Each game represents a battle of magicians, also called planeswalkers, who can cast spells.

Do you want to see firsthand the struggle power of the Planeswalkers? If yes and you also need accommodation near the Montjuic Showground of Fira Barcelona to attend and / or participate in the World Magic Cup 2015, contact us, we are less than ten minutes walk!

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