Civil War Tour

Civil War Tour

Would you like to know how people from Barcelona lived during the Spanish civil War? Yes? Then you should make the Civil War Tour

We have to recognize, not without certain shame, that until today we did not know that this tour exists. Thanks to a very nice Australian that came to ask for information to the reception, we not only discovered it, we have seen also that is one of the best rated tours by the travelers in TripAdvisor. It does not sound badly until here, right? So then, keep it reading.

Plaza San Felip Neri

What does this tour consist of? A leading expert in history drives you on a journey back in time to the Barcelona of the 30s (between 1936 and 1939), taking you to the key points. Barcelona was the rearguard during the Spanish Civil War for more than 30 months. According to the website of Barcelona turisme, the tour makes a review of “The 1936 Olympic Games, the defeat of the military uprising, the libertarian revolution and the militia, the realities of daily life, the “May Riots”, Stalinism in Barcelona and the systematic bombing of the city” through testimonies and different scenarios.

One of the areas where you can see the remains of a bomb, is the quiet and beautiful square of San Felipe Neri.

The tour costs 25€, is in English and takes 3 hours.

Meeting Point: Plaza Catalunya, 1 (in front of Café Zurich).

Hours: Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 10am to 2am.

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