The cavalcade of the Magician Kings in Barcelona

The cavalcade of the Magician Kings in Barcelona

Magical Day of the Three Kings is one of the most celebrated traditions in Barcelona and in the rest of the country. Although the Kings Magicians commission to bring gifts to all the family, children really are the stars of this special event, main beneficiaries of these gifts and obviously the most excited to participate in this big event.

Although the festive day is the 6 of January, date when all the gifts are opened, big part of the interest of this festivity resides in the night of the 5 of January, at which their Majesties the Magicians Kings come to Barcelona and other cities where children are in charge of receiving these celebrities with great excitement and enthusiasm. Their Majesties the Magicians Kings, resort the streets of Barcelona sitting on their impressive floats full of gifts and candy for everyone.

Timetables and route of the parade:

The Magicians Kings usually arrive about 16.30h do it with ship at Moll de la Fusta, where they are greeted by the city authorities. About 18.00 begin the parade through the streets of the city, where the Three Kings are greeting children and giving out sweets and candies. The route of the parade is about 3h and ends around 21.30h at Avinguda Rius i Taulet with Avinguda Reina Maria Cristina, next to the magic fountains.

Where: at 18.00 the procession begins from the av. Marqués de la Argentera. The Magicians Kings and his entourage pass through Pla de Palau, ps. Isabel II, Via Laietana, pl. Urquinaona, Fontanella, pl. Catalunya, Pelayo, pl. University rda. San Antonio Sepulveda, av. Parallel, av. Reina Maria Cristina and av. Rius i Taulet

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