36th edition of Zurich marathon

36th edition of Zurich marathon

The 36th edition of Zurich marathon will take place in Barcelona next 15th March

Another year more, the exit and arrival of the race will be held at Reina María Cristina avenue. The limit of time to end it is 6 hours from the beginning. Following the RFEA and IAAF rules, every 5 kilometres will be a point of provisioning. This areas will dispose water, isotonic drinks, fruits, vassili…

The organization will offer to the participants a group of seven different hares that will mark a fixed rhythm during the race to make different marks. They will run the marathon in 2.45 h, 3.00 h, 3.15 h, 3.30 h, 3.45 h, 4.00 h y 4.30 h respectively.

Exit is at 8:30 AM in Av. Reina María Cristina.
Arrival of the fist runner: 10:40 AM to Av. María Cristina.

Sub 23: 18-22 years
Senior: 23-34 years
Veterans A: 35-44 years
Veterans B: 45-54 years
Veterans C: 55-64 years
Veterans D: more than 65 years

Sunday of the race from 6am
Where: Fira de Barcelona – Palace 8

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