Go for “Tapas” and discover Nou Barris Tapas Route: 1 tapa + 1 drink for 1,95€

Go for “Tapas” and discover Nou Barris Tapas Route: 1 tapa + 1 drink for 1,95€

Every Thursday you can enjoy this great offer from 7 to 10pm

Tapas Nou Barris

Going for Tapas is a very famous Spanish tradition, and every time we’re visiting a Spanish city, we want to try out the different varieties and flavours of tapas.  Many of us think of tapas as a fun and relaxed lunch or dinner with friends, over a beer or a glass of wine, but few of us know how this “tasty” and enjoyable tradition was born.

Legend has it, that during the reign of the Catholic Kings, the number of incidents caused by the cart drivers on their way out of the taverns, after having ingested large amounts of wine or beer. As a counter measure, the tavern owners were obligated to serve the pitchers of wine or beer covered with a “tapa” (meaning lid in Spanish). The “tapa” consisted of a plate with a little bit of cold food (normally ham, cheese or slices of sausage, etc.), which the clients had to eat before uncovering and drinking the wine or beer, thus lessening the effects of the alcohol.

This is show the tradition of the “tapas” was born, and it’s now an essential custom in the Spanish bars and restaurants.

A very good way to go for tapas when in Barcelona is trying out the Tapas Route Pinxu-Panxo, offered by the Nou Barris District starting this 13th of April 2014. It’s an initiative that includes around thirty bars and restaurants in the area that offer a tapa accompanied by a drink (wine, beer or water) for 1.95€. The route is available every Thursday, from 7pm to 10pm and it contains different bar itineraries, thus offering a great opportunity to enjoy and discover the Nou Barris, its bars and restaurants and their tapas, a growing gastronomic and social tradition, providing friendship and companionship.

For more information about the routes, the tapas included in the promotion and the location of the restaurants and bars, please check here.

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