Yearly Festival La Mercé: One of Barcelona’s most entertaining traditions

Yearly Festival La Mercé: One of Barcelona’s most entertaining traditions

la merce

The Festival celebrates the patron saint of Barcelona, La Mercè, and its Festa Major. Every year, around September 24th, activities, concerts, cultural and artistic festivities take place all around the city.

This festival of festivals brings together between 1.500.000 and 2.000.000 people during its week-long run.

Concerts are organized in different key points of the city through the famous program BAM (Barcelona Accio Musical); street theatre, giant figures on the streets of the Born neighborhood, dance and circus artists will entertain all the participants starting the 15th until the 24th of September.

This mega festival will finish with a huge show of fireworks, music, lights and colors, on the 24th, at 8pm, in Spain Square, just 5 minutes away from our hotel.

The festivals main activities are:


–          Barcelona Acció Musical (Barcelona Musical Action): to hear new sounds.

–          Barcelona Street Arts: artists performing amongst the public.

–          The Festival of Tradition: human castles, bigheads, giants and all the festive beasts of the city, accompanied by guests of the Mediterranean.

–          Festival of the Sky: acrobatic meeting of jets, balloons, ultra lights, etc.

–          The Fire Festival: all kinds of sparks from the musical fireworks to the Fire Run…

“La Mercè transforms Barcelona into a grand stage bursting with fantasy and imagination. Creativity is the driving force behind it, traditions its roots, and music an outstanding voice. Over 600 activities and shows go on during the week with more than 2000 artists and professionals taking part.” [Institut de Cultura de Barcelona]

Check out the extended program of the festival.

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