COSMOCAIXA in Barcelona

COSMOCAIXA in Barcelona

The CosmoCaixa, is one of the most exciting museums to visit in Barcelona.

CosmoCaixa – Barcelona

It was opened in 2005, and it offers an area of more than 30,000 m² of permanent and special exhibitions, interactive areas, a 3D Planetarium and many scientific games and experiments areas.

Visitors of all ages can enjoy this spectacular museum and explore physical, technical, geological, chemical and mathematical relations all by themselves in hundreds of experiments.

CosmoCaixa 3d - Barcelona

CosmoCaixa 3d – Barcelona

The 3D Planetarium offers an insight into the fascinating world of the cosmos with different special programs lined up. There is also a children´s planetarium, a space where youngsters from 3 to 8 years old can learn more about space and the movement of the planets with miniature replicas of the planets in the solar system.

Between the famous attractions of the museum there’s the 1000 m2 jungle greenhouse which displays not only 30m tall Amazonian trees, but also a variety of tropic animals typical for this region.

Not only children but adults as well will enjoy the experiments and the games CosmoCaixa has to offer. The museum is really worth a trip so be sure you include it in your itinerary for your Barcelona visit!

Practical Information:

Address: Teodor Roviralta 47-51, Tel. 93 212 6050

Open: July-mid Sept 10am-8pm daily; mid Sept-June 10am-8pm Tues-Sun.

Admission: €3, free for 3 years and under, Planetarium E2

Bus: 17, 22, 58

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