GANDULES’13 – Open air cinema for free from 6th to 22nd August at CCCB

GANDULES’13 – Open air cinema for free from 6th to 22nd August at CCCB

open aire cinema barcelona

Gandules 13

Another year, the CCCB open its doors for free to the public to offer a selection of short and long optimistic movies.

The selected films have all been released and received prizes and mentions at different festivals, but for various reasons they made only a brief appearance on the commercial cinema circuit. Plus, a short will be shown before each film, as an appetizer: short films that speak to us of everyday events, like getting up in the morning, going to a restaurant for lunch or waiting at the bus stop; routine moments narrated in a surprising way and with lots—and we mean lots!—of humour.

The seats are limited, so it´s convenient to arrive at least 15 minutes before the start.

Time: 22:00h

This is the programme:

Tuesday, 6th August

Short film: Life and Stuff
Kumar Satkunarasa
2011, UK, video, 4’45’’, VOSC

François Ozon
2012, France, 35mm, 107’, VOSE
Awarded at Festival of San Sebastián (Concha de Oro)

Wednesday, 7th August

Short film: Occupied
Christian Filek
2006, Austria, video, 3’, no dialogue



Marjane Satrapi y Vincent Paronnaud
2007, France, 35mm, 97’, VOSE
Awarded at Festival de Cannes and nominated to Oscar

Thursday, 8th August

Short film: Occupations
Lars von Trier
2007, Dinmak, vídeo, 3’, VOSC



Armando Iannucci
2009, UK, 35mm, 106’, VOSE
Nominated to Oscar 2009  for the best adapted script and 2 nominations to the BAFTA (best adapted script and best Bristish movie)

Tuesday, 13rd August

Short film: The Black Hole
Philip Sansom y Olly Williams
2008, EE.UU, video, 2’50’’, no dialogue

Sergei Dvortsevoy
2008, Kazakhstan and Germany, 35mm, 100’, VOSE

Wednesday, 14th August

Short film: Wrong Side of the Bed
Daniel Lucchesi
2006, EE.UU, video, 1’30’’, no dialogue

Claire Simon
2008, France, Blu-ray, 122’, VOSE

Thursday, 15th August

Short film: The Joy of Destruction 
Xaver Xylophon and Laura Junger
Alemania, 2010, vídeo, 1’40’’, no dialogue

Giorgos Lanthimos
2009, Grècia, 35mm, 93’, VOSE
Not recommended for younger than 18 years old

Tuesday, 20th August

Short film: Bus Stop 99
Reto Caffi
2000, Suiza, vídeo, 7’40’’, no dialogue

LES HERBES FOLLES (Las malas hierbas)
Alain Resnais
2009, France, 35mm, 113’, VOSE

Wednesday, 21st August

Short film: Happy Sushi
Andy Green
2010, EEUU, video, 3’, no dialogue

Yojiro Takita
2009, Japan, 35mm, 135’, VOSE

Thursday, 22nd August

Short film: Mr. Foley
Irlanda, 2009, vídeo, 5’, VOSC

Ignacio Ferreras
2011, Spain, 35mm, 90’, VO (ES)

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