Do you have plans for New Year´s Eve in Barcelona?

Do you have plans for New Year´s Eve in Barcelona?

If you don´t have, don´t worry The Urban Suites have though from where you can go and eat grapes surrounded by nice people to the best places to go boogie at New Year´s eve. You may don´t know that is traditional to eat twelve grapes, one on each chime of the clock.

Dinner options will the next post.


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New Year´s Eve at Catalunya Square

Catalonia Square: During the last few years this place has become a meeting point to take the grapes and provide the  welcoming to the New  Year. The last New Year´s Eve about 50 thousand people met at this place, most of whom were tourists. One point to note is that there is a police cordon around the square not to allow people  to enter with bottles, but biodegradable cups are distributed to everyone.

new year, 2013, agbar tower

New Year´s Eve at Agbar Tower

Agbar Tower: The Agbar Tower changes the lighting first with the quarter and after the stroke, so it is an interesting proposal to go to eat the grapes.



New Year´s Eve Sala Apolo




Entrance: 15 €

Sala Razzmatazz: There  is a 15 minutes walk from the Agbar Tower, so if you take the grapes there, it´s easy to get there. This club have five large rooms with different environments and music (techno, pop, indie, electro, rock, house …).

Access from 22:30 h: With 2 drinks, Tshirt  Razz’13, Cotillion, Lucky grapes, glass of champagne Price: 45 €

22:30 to 00:15: Show and Chimes by the Dirty Dancing Crew.

-From 00:30 Access to 5 rooms with Razz The Greatest Hits Collection

Check in after 00:01 includes 2 drinks and Tshirt Razz’13 €

Sidecar: This place is situated at Plaza Real and you will be able to dance the wildest rock. Not very big, so if you do not arrive soon you might find making a big queue. But it worth entering, is open until 6am and the environment deserves the minutes you wait in the tail. You have a 5-10 minutes walk from Catalunya Square.

City Hall: Next to Plaza Catalunya, less than 2 minutes walking you will find this nightclub. It´s known for offering a varied program every day. It has two different rooms (one electro, the another more rock) and two terraces that are open all year. City hall is also an excellent choice.Rambla Cataluña 4.

Alternative festivals:

Circuito Regenerador

NOCHEVIEJA REGENERADORA: (Postapocalyptic, as always): In my opinion, this is the craziest party of all and the funnier. Raúl Muniente, its creator, is a quintessential mass agitator and never fails in its mission to let the people have fun.

This time has moved to Poble Nou, to the Taberna Sonora, near Sala Razzmatazz.

The capacity will be limited to 400 people, so the sold out before the 31st December is possible, so if you are undecided …

Prices until 31 December-inclusive-

40 euros to 40 drinks

Where is it? In Pamplona street 96

HITAZOS A CHOLON: 15.0: For the second consecutive year, the group has chosen Sala 242 to say Good Bye to the 2012 and they will make you dancing from 1 to 6 in the morning.

Early Entry: 30 € (3 combined / 6 beers). The price for extra combined drinks will be 5 € and € 2.5 for beer or soda.

Where?  Entença 37, between Sepulveda and Gran Via

NEW YEAR´S EVE PARTY AT POBLE ESPANYOL: This probably will be the most crowded.

There will be three areas occupying 2500m2 and you don´t have to be worry about the cold, as they all are covered. The zones are carp, the fairgrounds and the party will be in the Plaza Mayor.

Normal ticket: € 35 (entry lilac or red) access to two areas.

VIP tickets: 40 € access to 3 zones.

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