Art Film in Barcelona: Filmoteca de Catalunya

Art Film in Barcelona: Filmoteca de Catalunya

Opened less than a year ago, the new headquarters of the Cinémathèque de Catalunya looks with immensity in the heart of Raval. Who knew the old Chinatown, now barely recognize the streets that surround the new promenade. Actually, more and more tourists come to the area, full of hotels, trendy bars and now, good cinema.

I recommend two film series that cast interesting films during this October and next month:

12th International Film Festival Barcelona Gay and Lesbian, until 28 October.

This year the festival talk about multicultural issues , Islam and Muslim youth, with many films that are difficult to see in commercial displays.

Here are some films released this week:

 24.10.2012 – 10:00 pm

Verde, Verde (Cuba, 2012, 90 ‘)

Director:  Enrique Pineda Barnet

25/10/2012 – 5:00 pm  Double Session

Mon petit poney Pêche (France, 2012, 42 ‘)

Director: Thomas Riera
Production: França

Creative documentary in which the author explores the connotations for him a little pink pony gave her when he was 6.

Fille ou garcon, n’est pas mon mon sexe Legendre (France, 2011, 61 ‘)

Director: Valerie Mitteaux
Interpretation: Lynn Breedlove, Kaleb, Kayiatos Rocco, Miguel Missé

Born as men and male gender feelings, this is the path taken by the people known as “transboys” crossing the gender boundary.

27.10.2012, 7:00 pm

Short-films session:

Viewer Discretion Advised (Tape 96) Drew Stephens. 2011. VOSC. 11 ‘
Atomes, Arnaud Dufeys2012. VOSC. 18 ‘
Ancora Una notte, Giuseppe Bucci. 2012. VOSC. 11 ‘
Beyond the Team, Tim Kulikowski. 2012. VOSC. 13 ‘
Die Katze tanzt, Esther Bialas. 2011. VOSC. 7 ‘
Mon arbre, Bérénice André. 2011. VOSC. 48 ‘

10:00 pm . | 3 Films

Map to chat, Constanza Fernandez. 2012. VO. 82 ‘
Wake up to reality multicolored Sarta Giselle Andrea Castañeda. 2011. VO. 6 ‘
All a man, Michel Riquelme. 2011. VO. 6 ‘

28/19/2012, 7:00pm

Short -films session:

Irene, Patricia Galucci, Victor Nascimento. 2011. VOSC. 14 ‘
Hold on Tight, Anna Rodgers. 2011. VOSC. 12 ‘
Troy-Naked Boys Behind Bars, Sing!, Michael Derry. 2011. VOSC. 13 ‘
Lesbian Cliché Song, Bob Koherr. 2011. VOSC. 6 ‘
Performance Anxiety, Reid Waterer. 2012. VOSC. 15 ‘
The Confession of Father John Thomas, Elka Kerkhofs. 2011. VOSC. 5 ‘
Pink and Green, Elias Ribeiro. 2012. VOSC. 28 ‘

Contemporary German Film Series

The Film-hand the Goethe-Institut, wants to expand our knowledge of one of the most powerful European cinema with a sample that will allow us to discover new faces and proposals sorpreendernos with young directors.

From 24/10/2012 to 17/11/2012

Some of the films to be screened:


19:00 h. | Die Farbe des Ozens

The director Maggie Peren narrates this German-Spanish co-production drama of immigrants arriving in the south of the peninsula by boat.
Die Farbe des Ozeans / ocean color
Maggie Peren. 2011. VOSE. 9


5:00 pm. | Unsichtbare Die / The Invisible
Christian Schwochow. 2011. VOSE. 112 ‘

A prestigious theater director looks at the Fine Lorenz, a drama student who wants to succeed on stage.


7:30 pm. | Film: WintertorchterImatge

Johannes Schmid . 2011 . VOSE . 90′

 For more information you can go here.

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