Rice please!

Rice please!

While rice is a staple food in most of the globe, not everyone knows the typical rice specialties  of this part of the Mediterranean.

Perhaps, the “paella” is the most popular dish. Although there are many types of paella as there are family traditions in this part of the world, the truth is that we have some very recognized styles:

Seafood paella: rice with vegetables (bean, artichoke and pepper) and seafood.

Mix paella: rice with vegetables, seafood and pork, chicken or rabbit.

Meat paella: rice and vegetables with pork, chicken, rabbit …

Paella from Castellón: rice, vegetables, tomato, pork and chicken.

Vegetable paella: rice with vegetables, ideal for vegetarians.

 The principal difference between paella and others dishes with rice is that the rice is poured into a juicy sauce of broth from the all the other ingredients.  It should be cooked in a special pie called “paella”, which is wide and low-slung. The heat must be distributed over the entire surface of the pan. The end result is a consistent rice, hard and with enough oil.

And we can not forget other delicious specialties such as black rice (Ricewith squid or cuttlefish in squid ink), and baked rice, and, although is not rice…the “fideuà” !

Here, we recomend some restaurants where you can enjoy these dishes in Barcelona:

L’Arrosseria Xàtiva: Torrent d’en Vidalet Street, nº 26 (Horta-Guinardó), tel: 932 848 502. A bit far from downtown but a benchmark in Valencian paellas. Worth visiting.

Barceloneta: L’Escar Street, nº 22 (Port Vell Maremagnum). Tel: 932 212 111. Mediterranean cuisine and paella on a terrace overlooking the sea.

Els Porxos:  Mallorca Street, nº. 410. Tel: 932 319 990. Located just opposite the Holy Family. Specialty in paellas and wide range of tapas.

Tribeca: Consell de Cent Street, n º 303. Tel: 934515075 (closed Sundays). Specialists in rice and Mediterranean cuisine, with beautiful local.

La Gavina: Passeig de Joan de Borbó, no. 12. Tel: 932 212 646. Rice restaurant in the neighborhood of Barceloneta, close to the sea.

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