Lulú, Primera nit. Contemporary dance.

Lulú, Primera nit. Contemporary dance.

Barcelona is not only the city of Gaudí. Not just the ” Barcelona brand “, a large openair shopping center where you can find all fashion brands and couture boutiques to flea markets. This time we recommend a work of contemporary dance. Some critics point to it as too slow despite his magnificent staging, but what we would really like is to teach you how you can enjoy almost same small-scale cultural events.

The contemporary dance espetacle “Lulu, Primera Nit” (Lulu, first night) is in the Teatro Gaudí de Barcelona until 30 September.

Taking as a starting point and inspiration for Lulu, the fascinating character created in the late nineteenth century by Wedekind, the company of Roberto G. Alonsoindaga and delves into the desires and thoughts of society. This is only a hypocrite masquerading as shameful secrets, perversions, of taboos. Lulu is the ideal vehicle to show, precisely because it lacks everything. Radical shown without specific ideals, overturned the desire, sensuality, pleasure … As painted by Munch, Kirchner or Nolde, Lulu, is representative expressionist unconscious chaos. Shrouded in mystery, with great killing power, Lulu show us the destruction of the vulnerable border that separates life from death.

Theatre: Theatre of Barcelona Gaudí (TGB) location

Great Room ‘The Claca’
Barcelona / Barcelona
From Thusday to Saturday, 22.30. D, 20 h.
Prices: 18 €
Advance: Red Ticketmaster (, 902 15 00 25, La Caixa offices, Fnac, Carrefour, and partner stores)
Author: Based on the idea of ​​David Plana
Company: Cia. Roberto G. Alonso
Director: Roberto G. Alonso
Cast: Cristina Marti, Oscar Reyes, Susana Rodriguez, Roberto G. Alonso

If you come to Barcelona, ​​do not be led only by large signs and seek cultural alternatives as theater, dance, concert halls, etc.. In The Urban Suites will be delighted to help you find what you are looking for!

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