Barcelona vintage, old school

Barcelona vintage, old school

Foto Colectania Fundation show to us the another side of Barcelona.

“He  hated  Barcelona but  while he loved her. I liked what I saw and hated it. What I wanted was what was lived daily in the city, types, people. As I saw it, the balance was quite sinister. “Like this  spoke Leopoldo Pomes of Barcelona from the 50. A depressed Barcelona wanted to explore the great photographer to show much more than a showcase city was known. So, diving into the slums of Barceloneta, Verdum or Encantes, at that time the city limits, Pomés portrayed the true essence of the city. Fascinated by the activity of the street, and especially women who walked, incisive glanced official society, focusing in turn on the hidden city. The result was 80 photos that come to light and now noted for its timelessness and a great aesthetic beauty realized by the apparent naturalness and simplicity of its composition. A really interesting show that brings Colectania Photo and Barcelona will discover that visible and invisible almost no one has told us.

Where?  Fundación Foto Colectania

c/ Julián Romea, 6

Ver Mapa

When?  Tuesday  18 of September at 20:00, until  26 of January!

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