Sant Cugat Monastery, 20 minuts from Barcelona

Sant Cugat Monastery, 20 minuts from Barcelona

When we planning a trip to a tourist city which offers all kinds of events, routes, plans … we don’t usually find much more on our own. It is appreciated that the city is well organized to welcome its visitors, but getting out of the beaten track and visit the villages around the city can be a very good experience!

This is the case of Sant Cugat del Vallès, a village located in the Barcelona province, just 20 minutes by train from Plaza Catalunya.

You can consult the map of railways here, you will see that it is very easy to arrive.

San Cugat has the charm of a village: a spacious promenade, terraces and renovated stone houses with low ceilings and some medieval shields in good condition. But it is located a short distance from the big city.

Its main attraction is the Monastery of Pi. An architectural beauty rooted in Roman times, in which the wall was built around it and it has been preserved in medieval reconstructions.

The origins of the monastery is located in the ninth century, when they decided to join the church containing the remains of Sant Cugat (in spanish San Cucufato, a martyr come from Africa to preach Christianity in Roman territory) with a fortification attached. The early Christian basilica whitch was built in the V century for the worship of the relics of the martyr, was a small square enclosure around where there was a community of monks.

In this video you can watch the Monastery aerial images: Sant Cugat Monastery If you come to Barcelona do not hesitate to make a trip to Sant Cugat! A place that all family will enjoy! You can reserve your suite or  apartment at The Urban Suites and take advantage of the facilities provided by public transport to visit neighbouring towns!

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