Mona Hatoum in Barcelona, until September 29th. Joan Miró Fundation.

Mona Hatoum in Barcelona, until September 29th. Joan Miró Fundation.

This September, we can still enjoy, if we have not already done it, the first monographic exhibition of the British Palestinian artist Mona Hatoum  in Barcelona.

Born in Beirut in 1952, Hatoum studies art between this city and the British capital, where she settled  after the Lebanese civil war starts. In the early 80 she became to work with the performance and video. After spending a long period minimalist works, she begins to increase political subjects in her works, taking a conceptual shift. Her subjects will then the performance of the power structures, the criticism of the general female stereotypes and gender criticism, exile and displacement. In this period we can find such important works with a dense content as Measures of Distance (1988).

In 1989 she makes her first sculptural installation: “The light at the end” in the

Showroom in London. In the 90s, her work turn in more metaphorical way, less narrative, and she builds large installations that invoke the body, the public-private dualism and rich conceptual games.

In 1995 she is finalist in the Turner Prize in London and in 1997 one of his works are included in the Sensation exhibition organized by the Saatchi Gallery, which runs through London, Berlin and New York. Hatoum is established as one of the most important artists of the late twentieth and early twenty-first.

For more information visit Fundació Joan Miró.

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