Are you missing grandma’s food? Come by Xandri Restaurant

Are you missing grandma’s food? Come by Xandri Restaurant

A few days ago we were passing by Blai street and Paralel Av and we stopped at what looked like one of those bars that have been run by the same people over 30 years. Menu is 7,5€, but that wasn’t what encourage us in, nor even our stomachs demanding us food. We decided to go in after reading the menu, we saw the clients: the place was full of old people. We all know how demanding they can be.

For the first dish we asked for escudella (chickpea soup, chard and pasta), mi partner asked for cannelloni and I for fried vegetables (cabbage with potatoes and garlic rehash – It was great!) as second. As a third dish he asked for a grilled beef with artichoke and, I, sausage with fried eggs, served also with grilled artichoke.

Since we didn’t have enough time to ask for a desert, the waiter kindle offered us to take some tangerine and when we accepted he gave us a bag full of them.

Decoration is sober, you can tell their main concern is giving a good service and food quality. Everything is said. We recommend it for all those who really miss food the way it use to be before. Also to those who pass from the trend, or tapas and from creative cooking that is what everyone talks today when going out eating (and that we really like).

Overall to our clients, our suites and apartments are just two stations away!

Adress: Carrer de Blai 65

Metro: Poble Sec

Things to have in consideration: The waiter (probably the owner) told us everybody comes by two/three in the afternoon, so if you stop by those hours you will have to wait outside or just come back some other day, since he prepares just enough food so as being able to offer his products fresh every day. So if you can pass by around one or half past one, much better!

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