A few ideas for Saint Valentine’s in Barcelona:

A few ideas for Saint Valentine’s in Barcelona:


If she says she is not into it, is lying. And the one that says Valentine´s day is a day as any other in the year, is also lying.

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It is true that one tries to conquer his/her couple with little details every day of the year, being the most considerate person just once doesn’t make you the most caring person. Even if it is one day, it makes you happy. So, if you are not that considerate nor detail person, what a better way of starting Valentines day?

Below you can read a few ideas to celebrate Valentines next to the person you love. Some of them a little bit more crazy, others more romantic; some expensive, some others inexpensive enough for any budget. The case is, that no matter how small it is, at least have a gesture or detail with the person you love.

Lets go for it!

  • Picnic in the park: don’t forget tablecloth and something to cover yourselves. Take to Park Parque de la Ciutadella, al Parc Güell o a Montjuic, she will thank you for sure.
  • Thermal circuit in Arab Baths: there are different packages, but the most interesting one includes thermal bath, aromatherapy and relaxing massage
  • Romantic dinner with live music in Bel Luna Jazz Club
  • Barcelona Tour in limousine decorated with rose petals. Take her to a tour to those places that are part of the history of your relation
  • Romantic movie + pop corn: take to see the new Alex de la Iglesia movie, “La chispa de la vida” and invite her some popcorn, right away!  
  • Cirque du Soleil: their new show Corteo is oneiric and full of joy

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