Alternatives for Sant Joan

Alternatives for Sant Joan

Do you have a plan for tonight? Don´t forget that Sant Joan is one of the most important and funniest parties you will ever live in Barcelona. La Revetlla de Sant Joan is a kind of welcome to the summer, in which there are different alternatives all over the city: parties, fires, fireworks…

The Urban Suites offer you some possibilities in case that you have not decide or do not know what to do:


Beach Picnic & Party

Where: playa Nova Mar Bella

Sant Joan Reggae Bash 2011

Where: Chiringuito El Bierzo, Playa Mar Bella

Party On The Beach!

Where: Chiringuito Inercia – Playa Nova Icaria

Urban Parties:

Open-air dance ‘B-Funk’ + ‘Pulpito y sus calamares’, with the participation of ‘Sambao’

Where: Arc del Triomf

Open-air dance, bonfire and dance at Lepanto Street with Ribes

Where: Lepant con carrer Ribes

Open-air dance and bonfire at Joan Miró Parc

Where: Parc de Joan Miró

Party Hitazos a Cholon  

Where: Shake It!, c/ Secretari Coloma, 42

Concert: La Banda Municipal del Polo Norte

 Where: Heliogàbal, c/ Ramón y Cajal, 80 (6€)

 Sant Joan Benefit Party

Where: La Poderosa , c/Riereta nº18, 2º piso (11€)

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